What Should Be Your Top SEO Focus For 2022?

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  • DateMay 26th, 2022
What Should Be Your Top SEO Focus For 2022?

SEO is the known secret behind ranking higher on search engine results pages. But, every now and then, the algorithm changes to yield more accurate results. As a result, while performing SEO activities, experts at thriving SEO agencies consider the latest SEO trends.

Google search is constantly increasing, and the CTR is high only for the top results. It is interesting to note that the number one result on Google has a CTR of 31.7%, while if a site lands on the second page in search results, there is only a 0.78% chance that somebody will click it.

More people are searching through Google as it provides them a host of pages to conduct their research, and also assists them in finding the most accurate answer for their search query. Thus, the role of a search engine optimization agency becomes critical, as it can help bring more traffic to a website. To stay on top and ensure more positive results, you must keep yourself updated with the top SEO focus of this year. Let’s find out what that should be!

Voice Search

The latest trend with rising popularity is voice search. As per the research, more than 58% of consumers are more inclined towards voice search to get information about local businesses. Sire, Alexa, and Google Assistants are playing an important role in people’s lives, with an accuracy rate of 95%. The introduction of voice activation in various devices has made voice search the primary and most comfortable form of search.

Voice search needs more conversational content without any formal structure and less emphasis on keywords. If you hire an expert SEO agency, they will help you devise content that is compatible with target keywords to cater to specific conversational-based searches. Moreover, a change in simple vocabulary also allows brands to personally connect with their customers. A mobile responsive website optimized with voice search and restructuring content to make answers short and concise should be the top SEO priority this year.

  • Artificial Intelligence to Play a Big Role :

    AI will continue to impact people's behavior interacting with online content. RankBrain, the AI algorithm of Google will prioritize content with the help of the click-through rate (CTR), and the time spent by users on a website. Thus, AI will play a significant role while designing SEO strategies.

    AI provides us with the options that we like most and helps facilitates various searches on the internet. It can also analyze a site’s performance and guides us to formulate effective SEO strategies. It provides valid suggestions to help make website content more effective, and keep its readers engaged. Content that keeps readers more engaged is most likely to draw the attention of an AI, and in turn, will help you reach your marketing goals. You must also consider seeking help from a renowned SEO company to ensure that your content is SEO-friendly.

  • Video Content and SEO:

    Optimizing video content is also an SEO strategy that is being considered by various Search Engine Optimization Companies. Video content is known to help boost the average time spent on a website, and so it must be an integral part of the marketing mix.

    With the enormous success of video content platforms like YouTube, and TikTok, video content will be a determining factor this year also. People are becoming more visual while accessing the internet, thus making video content is the best new SEO trend.

    SEO Companies believe in the show; don’t tell strategy. Eye-catching graphics and explainer videos with the right keywords can give a high boost to content, as a huge number of web surfers prefer watching short videos in place of reading a complete guide.

  • Mobile-Friendly Website Designs:

    It was the year 2015 when Google announced mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, which soon became a foundation of SEO. Today’s online marketing strategy prioritizes a website that is more mobile-friendly than its desktop version. So, consider building a mobile responsive website, while optimizing it for voice search.

    Considering the fact that by 2025, almost 73% of internet users will be accessing the internet through mobile devices, it has to be considered a well-defined SEO strategy. Search engines are looking primarily at the mobile version of a website instead of its desktop version when ranking it. Google even offers a facility to use Google’s Mobile Usability Report, to help you determine how your website is performing, and to get an idea of the issues and how to fix them.

  • Google’s EAT Signal will be the Future of SEO Trends:

    EAT stands for

    Expertise: To estimate how knowledgeable is the site owner on a particular subject matter.

    Authoritativeness: Understanding the credibility of the website that is publishing the content.

    Trustworthiness: Determining how trustworthy is the website publishing the content.

    Google’s EAT is the factor that determines the quality of a webpage and its content. So, aligning a website in accordance with Google’s EAT factors should be considered a critical SEO strategy. It is essential to keep the concepts of EAT while creating content. Ensure that all facts and statistics you use in the content are genuine. Moreover, including authoritative links in your content can be a good idea to help meet all EAT principles.


Although some SEO strategies may cease working, as SEO tactics are constantly evolving over the years, there is a strong need to reinvent SEO strategies to rank better on the SERPs. When posting useful content without a well-defined SEO strategy can be a total waste. Defining the strategy to provide a search result on top, and stand out from the competitors is critical.

SEO is constantly evolving and becoming more complicated. It is becoming tougher to keep up with current SEO trends. Just keyword stuffing is not the brightest idea, but creating excellent content can help you reach the top of Google’s algorithms. If you are also facing difficulty in keeping up with the latest trends of SEO, consider deploying a professional Search Engine Optimization Company today, and get your content optimized effectively.


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