Top Website Design Trends for 2022!

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  • DateJune 9th, 2022
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The IT industry is on a constant move. The advent in technology and the possibilities of using graphics has allowed business owners to adopt innovative ways and make their work more attractive. They seek help from website design service providers to achieve their business objectives by ensuring the user experience of their website.

Last year, big-bold fonts, dark mode, 3D elements, and bold color schemes with minimal designs were in trend. It is interesting to see what trends will continue in 2022, and what new has to come.

1. Single Page Websites

One-pagers have been a common and the hottest UX trend, and are most likely to continue this year. Websites with simplified site structures have reported an increased conversion rate of almost 37%. A single-page website is similar to a landing page, and contains all relevant information for a product or service, without needing to click anywhere else.

With mobile devices becoming more popular, interaction with websites has been transformed, and everyone has started looking for information in a fast and convenient way. One-page websites offer things quickly and are sure to be among website design trends of 2022.

2. Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling also referred to as narrative visualization, is one of the popular ways to leverage a digital interface and engage your viewers by telling them an intricate story. Here a series of visual elements are sequenced together conveying to readers a specific message. Just like you read a book at your own pace, websites also now have started allowing you to navigate and control your flow in a personalized manner.

Ranging from parallax images, text animation, and horizontal scroll, there are various ways to combine Scrollytelling to help create an immersive web experience, and is considered most by website design service providers.

3. Micro Animations

Micro animations bring a website to life providing visitors a more interesting experience. Moreover, a micro animation is a great tool to emphasize an important area of a page and to direct the user’s attention at a particular point. These also support a user by providing them visual feedback and displaying changes more clearly.

Micro animations evoke emotions, and when designed subtly and in brief, they can improve the user experience. However, these should never be overused; otherwise, they will end up distracting users.

4. Do it Yourself Websites with Handmade Designs

People value authenticity, and too much technology can take away a website’s authenticity. So, a noble approach from human to human with perfect handmade artwork in web designs helps embed a sense of personality while designing a web page. So, handmade graphics should rule in 2022 and will provide a memorable experience for the visitors.

Handmade graphics are compelling and stand out from your competitors. The best part about handmade graphics is that they don’t need perfection. Of all the current trends, this trend is the easiest to access and should be a hit website design trend of 2022.

5. Grid-like Layouts

Grids layouts divide interfaces into different sections to help users easily distinguish one section from another. When a web page contains a large amount of information, grids assist the visitors to find the content they are looking for. Even when there is a lot of information to display, grid-like layouts help users quickly scan the web page to find the most important content.

Borders on a page not only separate the information but also provide a clearer impression of your website. Grids websites provide a more physical feel, just like reading a book or a newspaper, and so is an emerging website design trend.

6. Personalized Content

Internet is now customizable, and so a website design should be. When a user uses another browser, they witness the original content they searched for the first time, thus providing them a personalized feeling. Most advanced websites are capable of tracking the browsing history and displaying dynamic content based on their past behavior.

Personalized or customized contents are even more important for e-commerce websites. When these sites display recently viewed, saved, or liked products to the online buyers, it may result in increased conversions with more sales.

7. Gender Neutral Designs

Website design service providers are avoiding assuming about the people who might use a particular website, and what their gender might be. Avoiding these assumptions is the latest trend, and is considered to be more respectful for the viewers.

Many e-commerce websites are opting not to sort clothes and other accessories by gender. Today, women buy power tools, while men can demand skincare products. It is a trend now to offer multiple gender options, with a new standard to opt for ‘they’ rather than using ‘he’ or ‘she’.

8. Non-Traditional Scrolling

The most noticeable website design trends in 2022 include different scrolling techniques. Horizontal scrolling is a new addition providing visitors with a unique user experience. While remaining simple and functional it is the latest trend catching users’ attention. A side scroll layout provides surprising interactions between texts and images, especially for portfolio websites, catalogs, maps, and other similar types of websites. However, it may be a challenge to implement it rightly, as most visitors have a habit of scrolling downwards. But when incorporated properly it offers a different experience.

Before adapting to this new trend, consider the types of content for horizontal scrolling. For example, a photo gallery can be a good idea, but forcing a page filled with text for horizontal scrolling can cause visitors to simply leave the site.


Analyzing design trends can help you stay on top of the design industry and unlock the hearts of your customers. Some of the most noticeable website design trends of 2022, along with some unconventional approaches to website designing have been covered in this article, however, there are several other ways to create a trendy website. The most important thing is to ensure that the page loads quickly, has a compelling design, and is accessible to everyone.


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