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With millions of smartphones increasing every day, putting your business on the world wide web seems like a logical option. Having a web application for your business is a great option for getting new leads and making a profit.

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This would also help you establish the authority of your brand. This is where Ring The Gong comes into the picture, with our expertise it won’t be boasting to say that we are the best progressive web app development services in the Ohio, USA. The web applications are delivered on time using the latest tools available. The application would be sure to meet its requirements and help you generate extra bucks with the revenue it will generate.

Avail unmatched Progressive App Development

The applications which are developed by Ring the Gong are unparalleled. The use of modern technology helps us incorporate the best features in the application. With these web applications, your business would be easily available to your customers which would change the face of your business for good. These applications help you to become independent from the app stores and also provide you with the feature of creating shortcuts to the home screen. The developers of the applications are adept in their work and provide the best progressive web app development services in the Ohio, USA.

  • Providing a brand authority to your firm.
  • Get better leads with the web application.
  • Great user interface and User experience to retain leads for business.
  • Developing applications to handle heavy user traffic.

Progressive Web App Development Services

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Progressive App Development

This is the process by which the browser can get the features the same as that of the mobile application. This is extensively used as it allows users to access the data of the application offline, getting push notification, etc.


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Connectivity Independent PWA

The best part of progressive web applications is that it allows the users to get in touch with the applications independent of their connections. This is possible by caching the data of the application ahead of time. The service worker is used to help in this caching.


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Progressive App Consultation

Experts having unparalleled experience of the industry provide consultations regarding these progressive web applications. Proper suggestions are given regarding the same for getting the best results.


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Progressive App UI/UX Design

User interface works as the skin of the application while the experience of the user when he uses the application is known as UX. Creating such user interfaces and user experiences that are similar to that of the mobile application. These progressive web applications are meant to look the same as that of smartphone applications available on app stores. The impeccable UI and UX makes Ring The Gong the best progressive web app agency in the Ohio, USA.


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Migrate Web To PWA

It is only logical of people who are migrating from the mobile application to the progressive web applications. The reasons are clear, these progressive web applications provide the same in-app experience to the users without taking extra memory and RAM. Hence, tech companies are migrating towards it.


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PWA Support & Maintenance

The maintenance of progressive web applications is a tedious task. One needs to keep updating the servers which host the application. Providing updates in the application is also an important task that is done by the developers.


The steps involved in building application

Where the Client’s money and time is precious

Requirement Gathering

The team of developers lay a well-defined flow chart which will give an outline of the steps involved in the development of the application. With this the developers have a clear picture of what to do in a chronological way.

Analysis and consulting

The experts look into the needs of the clients then suggest certain improvements which will improve the functionality of the application. These suggestions are made to provide a long-term goal.

Wireframe and UI design

The needs and the navigation of users into the application are taken into account by the suitable wireframe which lays out the structure or skeleton for your webpage for better designing.

Development process

The stage of application development starts with creating a series of codes that are written to provide the best application. These codes are integrated to provide a functional software which will meet all your needs.

Testing and QA

The application is tested for the potential problems that might disrupt the smooth functioning of the applications. Bug fixes and user experience improvement is performed in this step.

Application launch

The application is published on application hosting servers. The application is posted on servers which are sure to provide you with the best revenue.

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Intresting Fact You Shoud Know?Mobile apps beat websites

Websites are used more than mobile apps. That is what we believe. Nevertheless, against this belief, users spend 87% of their time on mobile apps and not on websites.

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