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Wondering what Node.js is and why it is required? Node.js is a JS runtime environment that allows the system to build and successfully run an application. In simple words, it is a platform to execute applications. The event drive input-output model is used and that is what makes it efficient and scalable. The best part of Node.js is that it has garnered more than a billion downloads worldwide.

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Node.js has played an important role in setting up the platforms for IoT (Internet of Things) and other essential upcoming microservices in the world. It is also one of the trending and in-demand developer skills in the current market. We have the best Node.js developers in the house who are willing to take up any challenges and bring out the best from them.

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Node.JS is an open source development platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine that can execute JavaScript code server-side. It is most beneficial with applications requiring persistent connection to the server. Applications built using Node.JS run asynchronously and send requests without waiting for the previous response to arrive. As Node.JS does not block any I/O channels, it is an advantage for Node.JS over other platforms. Being a NodeJS Development Agency, we provide you with a platform being used by organizations like eBay and Microsoft. Single Page Applications tend to find Node.JS most suitable for them.

Node.js has become quite popular in the market and the demand is expected to rise in the coming years. There are some major advantages of using Node.js and they are listed below:

  • Node.js helps in making real-time apps such as chatting apps and gaming apps very quickly.
  • The development phase experiences an increase in efficiency because Node.js connects the backend and the frontend developers.
  • NPM (Node Package Manager) is loaded with multiple tools to facilitate the developers and increase their productivity.
  • Node.js is best for IoT and other essential microservices.
  • Executing code using Node.js is faster.

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NodeJs Web Development

The best part of Node.js web development is that it uses Javascript. Javascript is one of the most simplest and effective ways of creating applications using the web browser. Node.js uses Javascript to its fullest and it is an advantage for the developers.


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NodeJs E-commerce Development

Node.js is a robust platform that can be used to build eCommerce websites and applications. It helps in building scalable eCommerce application backends and uses the Node.js modules in the process.


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NodeJs PlugIns Development

First of all, a plugin can be explained as a component that expands the capability of an application. Node.js has a vast number of plugins in the form of packages and mostly they are created by the communities.


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NodeJs Recharge Portal Development

You can develop a real-time recharge portal using the Node.js backend. You can make transactions and keep a track of your payment gateway in that recharge portal. Many big names in the recharge portal development domain have achieved success using this platform.


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NodeJs API Integreation

For the front end developers, Node.js has revolutionized and increased the efficiency of the server and has contributed to the creation of REST API. The REST API stands for Representational State Transfer and it is known as the language of the internet.


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NodeJs App Development

Node.js can be efficiently used to quickly build real-time applications such as chatting applications, gaming applications, and other apps. This is because the non-blocking input-output makes app development using Node.js very speedy.


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