Is Guest Blogging Disburse For Link Building? Know Here!

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  • DateApril 8th, 2022
Is Guest Blogging Disburse For Link Building? Know Here!

Guest Blogging Tips

Guest blogging, a part of SEO services, is one of the best ways to spread your brand’s message among people and help it grow. Guest Blogging is perhaps one of the best marketing strategies you can invest in if you wish to spread your brand and win the trust of your target audience. There are numerous benefits of guest posting like,

  • Instant exposure to targeted traffic

  • Help in expanding your personal network

  • Aids you in simulating social media shares

  • Grows your social media following

  • Enhances your content marketing skills

  • Get you some essential feedback from the community

Despite all these benefits, guest blogging has nothing to do with link building. Many people make misconceptions that guest blogging has something to do with link building, but that is not the case. Here, I will be explaining why blindly trusting guest blogging of an SEO agency as a link-building strategy isn’t a good idea.

Guest blogging is an expensive affair when done right!

Every SEO company knows that guest blogging is a costly affair. Let us explain this concept with figures. To provide you with some context, a well-delivered column in the B2B niche costs around $400-$500 on Upwork. The best copy is expected to introduce something unique, but not every guest post lives up to that expectation.

People who are into guest posting know that only a real expert can share something valuable instead of rewriting what has already been shared and currently ranking remarkably well in the SERPs. A decent blog is delivered ideally by a specialist of the field and then twisted by experienced copywriters. Using the extensive outline helps guest bloggers save time and transfers it to the copywriters when it gets done.

The best industry blogs won’t be linking back to your strategic pages or posts!

As mentioned above, guest blogging is not meant for link building. If you are into guest posting, most of the high-end industry blogs won’t let you insert any links to your most essential pages. The essential pages include pages with commercial intent showcasing your products and services.- Pages like these are strategic for your business but inefficient of bringing any value to the readers of the blogs that published your post. They find these pages less informative with no in-depth insights into a particular topic.

Guest blogging at a particular scale leads to low-quality links!

Excessive reliance on guest blogging may hurt you. The reason being, the more guest posts you write to build links, the worse quality they will end up having.- This is because there a lot many link-building agencies that use guest blogging as their go-to strategy to build links.

These guest blogging services are never so costly. The Hoth offers guest posting services for around 400 bucks, which is quite affordable. All link-builder SEO services use the same logic wherein the client selects the metrics for a site where they wish to publish the guest post. Once this is done, you only have to wait for the agency to do all the work for you.

Initially, nothing is wrong with building links via fresh content on a trustworthy website, but generally, it doesn’t work like that. Link-building agencies are always looking for quick ways to publish content, but the sites they are working with may not care about the quality of guest contributions.

Adding “Nofollow” to all links in the guest post is also recommended by Google!

You should know that Google doesn’t like link building. It recommends adding the ‘Nofollow attribute to all its links in the guest post. Also, links with this tag do not reap any benefits or authority.

Google isn’t that strict to penalize a website for guest posts. However, their algorithms are trained to identify and devalue guest post links. Therefore, such links do not contribute to improving the site’s position in search results.


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