How to Automate Google Ads Without Coding?

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  • DateJune 1st, 2022
How to Automate Google Ads Without Coding?

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is a great way to promote your business activities. Understanding Google Ads automation features can be an added advantage towards increasing your ROI and save you valuable time.

Google Ads offers a variety of hidden automation features. And the best part is that you can use these features even without programming skills.

What Exactly is Google Ads Automation?

Google’s built-in automated rules and 3rd party automated rules software have allowed businesses to use Google Ads automation for their pay-per-click campaigns. It uses certain conditions to take an action on your behalf. For example, in place of checking business bids in a few hours, you can choose an automation rule to check for certain conditions, and whenever these conditions are accomplished, Google Ads can adjust the bid accordingly.

To set a Google Ads automation you can either use Google built-in basic automated rules, use custom scripts, or can choose to use a 3rd party software tools.

  • Built-in Automated Rules: These rules can be set up directly in Google Ads but come with certain limitations. They yield a poor user interface, but for a business’s basic needs, they offer a lot of advantages.

  • Custom Scripts: These are snippets of JavaScript and can control campaigns on the user’s behalf. They are capable of making changes directly inside a Google Ads account. The problem with this automation is that you need to know JavaScript.

  • Third-Party Tools: Third-party software tools like ppc management services can connect to your Google Ads account through APIs. They can monitor and control various business campaigns and can be custom-tailored with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and without writing any code.

Capabilities of Google Ads Automation Features

Many businesses are using Google Ads built-in automation features, but without achieving the desired outcomes. The main reason for this is that these features are designed for the masses.

More advertisers on Google have started losing interest in built-in automation features as they lack transparency, controls, and trust. Moreover, Google uses machine learning algorithms where advertisers have the least control.

Unannounced changes in the Google Ads platform without the consent of advertisers have also demoralized the advertisers. These changes impact the advertiser’s campaign performance, and simultaneously they start losing revenues. Most advertisers like to have complete control over their ad campaigns with the help of PPC Management Services and want to create their own automation to work as per their expectations.

Benefits of Automating Google Ads

Automating Google Ads can help grow your business. Google Ads pay-per-click strategy offers numerous benefits including saving time on advertisement campaign management, reducing costs on advertisements, and increasing ROI. It can work all round the clock and is capable of taking quicker actions than any human.

You can invest your saved time on other important activities for better ROI. For example, you can perform keyword research, ad copy testing, landing page optimization, and much more. Google Ads automated rules provide you with the power to create fully automated campaigns without utilizing your precious time.

  • Saves Time: Google Ads automation can perform all day-to-day operations without any human intervention and in the most efficient manner. Once you set up a rule with its conditions, it will immediately take action as soon as those conditions are fulfilled. Even if a business has more than 10,000 keywords, automation can effectively manage them, generating more revenue for a business with higher ROI. All the critical actions like changing bids, pausing and un-pausing items, duplicate ads, etc. can be automated. You can also set criteria to manage your Google Ads with the metrics you are looking for for campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, as a condition to execute a particular action accordingly.

  • Scale Pay Per Click Strategy: Once you automate your PPC campaigns, you can choose to automatically scale your best-performing campaigns for better conversions in minimum time. You can also allow Google to implement its smart bidding technology. This is a process where Google can either increase or decrease a business cost per click (CPC) bid as per the chances of converting a genuine sale. Thus, Google can increase your bidding when it understands that it is a perfect fit and that the user is likely to convert when they hit your landing page.

PPC Management Services and Google Ads Automation

A dedicated team of PPC marketers can help you achieve the best results by efficiently handling Google Ads automation. Some of the factors where these marketers focus is:

  • Alignment of Google Ads: A good PPC Management Services company can align your keywords, landing pages, and CTAs and contributes to uplifting your overall PPC quality score. Higher scores mean lower ad costs, with increased exposure. Thus alignment becomes necessary for better quality control and budget management.

  • Advanced Techniques: Google’s PPC is continuously evolving, and understanding these paid marketing techniques is a full-time job. Specialists who understand advanced pay-per-click strategy ensure automatically keeping up with all the latest tactics to help optimize your campaigns.

  • Better Access to Talents: As PPC is a complex strategy and requires special knowledge, deploying PPC experts allows you to access a global talent pool. You can take the services of the finest marketers in the market and from all over the world.

  • Better Scalability: Deploying a dedicated team of PPC specialists helps you to scale things as per your current needs. You can scale things up or down as per your requirement as the team is not on your payroll. Thus it offers more flexibility that in-house staff can’t just offer.


With all the Google Ads automation tools readily available, it is quite simple to manage but may require a basic strategy. You have to spend a lesser time on time-consuming tasks while focusing more on the data coming in. Knowledge of automation coupled with critical thinking scales can provide you with the most desired results. It is also critical to understand that automation itself can’t replace humans as marketing has a personal effect. And it is where an experienced ppc management service provider can help you with your pay-per-click strategy to upscale your business.


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