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Web applications involve the usage of CakePHP as a developing platform. It is an open platform that makes minimal use of coding and yet provides the best results to the users. CakePHP turns out to be highly useful as it mollifies many complications, minimizes the gargantuan task of coding, and makes the process much quicker when you are starting from absolutely nothing.

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The developers of Ring The Gong make sure that the application is developed to meet your business ideas. You would be sure to get better engagement with the web applications made out using the CakePHP framework. Ring The Gong ensures that the application delivered to you is full of features. If you are looking for CakePHP development in the Ohio, USA then Ring The Gong is the best option you have at your disposal.

CakePHP Development Agency

Cake PHP is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) based development environment. It makes web application development simpler and fast as it comes with a streamlined API. Unlike many other frameworks, Cake PHP does not require you to handle XAML or YAML files. Just a database setup is all you require to get going. Utilities required by the developers are built into the framework; so no need of third party utilities to support your development. As a Cake PHP development agency, we offer security through Form tampering Protection, and prevention from SQL Injection while also following MVC conventions.

  • The adaptable web application to meet your business idea.
  • Scalable websites to handle heavy traffic.
  • Useful plugins and extensions for increasing functionality.
  • The incompatible element types are integrated for easy data transfer.

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CakePHP Custom Solutions

You are going to get a custom made CakePHP framework to provide you with the application you need. These applications are developed just for you, to meet your requirements and hence, bring out the functionality of your business. These CakePHP solutions are much needed for the growth of your business.


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3rd Party App Integration

Various 3rd party applications are integrated with the existing web application to make it more useful. This integration is tested and checked for stability. All of these applications are otherwise independent of each other.


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CakePHP Extention Development

CakePHP is an open-source web framework of PHP which is free to use. It is used to develop applications for your browsers i.e. creating web applications. CakePHP mollifies various complex tasks that are used in several web-based projects. However, the functionality of the product is never sacrificed by using CakePHP.


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CakePHP E-commerce Development

CakePHP offers a varied range of specialties by integrating various applications for a smooth experience. Multiple payment gateways, an admin interface that is user-friendly, multiple languages to choose from, multiple stores, etc. are some features that one could get when he makes a web application using CakePHP. This use of CakePHP for eCommerce websites is highly useful and provides potential leads to the user.


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CakePHP Web Development

If you are bored with the monotonous tone of web development then CakePHP is your best choice. The software is free to use and open-sourced. It offers a quick creative framework for PHP. It is used to create web applications and the main goal of the framework is to provide a work condition organized manner yet quickly.


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Recharge Portal Development

CakePHP is the best framework for developing applications for recharging platforms. The web applications which are developed with the help of CakePHP are dynamic and are compatible with most of the operating systems and devices.


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When you avail of the services of the firm you could integrate any outside API into your WordPress to match your necessities. The same could be done for any plugins provided. This expands the utilization of your website and makes it up-to-date every time.

Websites Provided Are Completely Adjustable

There is always the possibility of any adjustment that you want to make on your website, hence you could change or tweak with your website at any time you feel. This is necessary as you won't be able to add features if the website is not allowing any changes.

Proper Adaptability Is Offered

Adaptability is what makes Ring The Gong provide the best CakePHP development services. The team of highly skilled individuals could adapt themselves according to the need of the client to provide him the best WordPress website. This helps individuals of all kinds of business needs to avail the services of these experts.

Services Offered Are Balanced

The server time and smooth running of the page are tried to be balanced so that the website could cope up with the immense amount of traffic that might come in it. This makes the website better and makes it dependable.

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